Date: Wednesday, July 4 2018
Time: 9.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m.

Location: Amsterdam area, the Netherlands


The road to seamless cross-border charging is a bumpy yet exciting one, and you are invited along for the ride! July 4 will be the Dutch kick-off of a new European project connecting various pilots and projects in multiple countries. A great example is the official launch of a new smart charging point being rolled out in the Amsterdam area. This charging point will mark the next step of many fully interconnected charging points designed to actively respond to international energy supply and demands and will welcome EV drivers throughout Europe.


What can you expect on this day?

  • Official NL launch of evRoaming4EU.
  •  Opportunity to present your company/ project to a European audience.
  •  Launch of the next step in smart, connected and green charging: the charging point, MRA-Electric. 
  • Roundtable discussions on:
    Smart charging
    - Roaming
    - Price transparency
    - EV drivers on vacation – the challenge 


More information about the program will be shared soon, but register now to secure a place.

About the project evRoaming4EU

This NKL project is a collaborative partnership between four countries (Denmark, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands) to facilitate roaming services and provide transparent information about charging in Europe through the use of the open independent OCPI protocol. Local and international partners, suppliers and EV drivers are welcome to contribute to the project and share knowledge and experiences. The project’s ultimate goal is to enable all EV drivers to charge hassle-free anywhere in the EU.

Organising parties
The Dutch partners of evroaming4EU are NKL – Netherlands knowledge platform for charging infrastructure, Eindhoven University of Technology and MRA-Electric. More about evRoaming4EU


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