VC.3034 Autofocus camera


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VC.3034 Autofocus camera

Yet more digital news from Euromex!

Our HD-Autofocus camera offers the perfect solution to modern microscopy for education, industry and laboratories where real time images are needed. The autofocus function eliminates the need of re-focusing when changing subjects or while scanning objects that are different in height. It allows calibrated measurements and saving of images and videos with album and playback function. Ideal for all sorts of quality control set-ups! This HD image quality camera can be used for stereo, biological and metallurgical microscopes


• Autofocus

• 1080p high definition video camera

• Real time images directly on screen

• Calibrated measurements

  without computer

• Built-in mouse-driven software

• HDMI output

• Save images and video on

  SD memory card

• Stand-alone system

• C-mount interface

All details can be found in the attached datasheet. A video is available to see the camera in action


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