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NEW: the polarimeter LED version!

With durability and the environment in mind Euromex introduces a LED version of the highly appreciated 99.400 polarimeter

The 99.400-LED is powered by a high power 589.3 nm LED, fully equivalent to the model with a sodium discharge lamp. With virtually no warm-up time the low energy consumption LED provides an even higher contrast image and has a nominal life span of 20.000 hrs





Benefits of LED

• Virtually no warm-up time

• Lower energy consumption

• Higher contrast

• Very long nominal life span

• Very low heat generation


The polarimeter

The purity and concentration of optically active substances can be determined with a polarimeter. An optically active substance will rotate the polarization plane of linear polarized light. The amount of rotation depends on the molecular composition and is proportional to the concentration of chiral molecules. Each optically active substance has his specific rotation factor as defined by Biot’s law


• The polarimeter is a sensitive instrument for non-destructive measurement of the optical activity of organic and inorganic substances

• It is also a simple and cheap method for expensive or non-replicable samples


See product datasheet for more details:

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