International Symposium Future of Charging 2019


Final Program 19 & 20 February 2019

The 2 day international Future Of Charging Symposium 2019 aims to bridge cutting-edge academic research and challenges practitioners in the field; new insights and practical results will be delivered that support the very ambitious roll out of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles until 2030. Dates: 19 and 20 february.


Keynotes from experts
Leading experts in the field will provide keynotes in plenary sessions on the first day of the symposium:


  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Ing. Rudi Bekkers – professor of Standardisation and Intellectual Property at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Dr. Ing. Daniel Stetter – Head Smart Energy Systems of Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart
  • Bert Klerk - Chair of national roundtable on EV in the Netherlands (FET) and Board Member of NKL
  • Mark Smidt – Director of Business Development at Heliox
  • Dr. Ir. Robert van den Hoed – Lector Energy and Innovation and Ir. Simone Maase - Project Manager and Research Associate E-Mobility  at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Roland Ferwerda – Director of NKL, the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure


More about the speakers


Insights and discussions on 4 challenging topics

1. Charging policies in Cities: Preparing for mass adaption of EV

Providing ways to grow public charging infrastructure in cities and regions is one of the key factors for successful adoption of EVs. Speakers share new findings

2. Smart Charging Myths Debunked

The speakers in this theme will not only debunk myths, they will provide practical insights on how to implement and use smart charging to establish a future proof energy infrastructure.


3. The customer journey when rolling out EV Charging Network

The theory, the blockers and the opportunities for businesses and local governments to provide an optimal user experience and minimize complaints.


4. Zero Emission city logistics and trucks

The speakers will provide insight in market developments and scientific insights in use cases and EV capabilities.

Program 20 February: Hackathons and site visit

The second day of the symposium promises to be interesting. The program offers four exclusive deep dive sessions. Participants can join in one of three hackatons or a site visit.


  • Hackathon 1: How to integrate Electric Vehicles Infrastructure in regional energy strategies? Host: eXentr. A regional policy challenge will be offered to be solved.
  • Hackathon 2: Trucks from harbor to city. Host: TU/e. A port challange and a logistical challenge will be offered.
  • Hackathon 3: Future modes of charging in an urban environment: destination charging or ultrafast charging? Hosted by City of Utrecht.
  • Visit to EU project Strijp-S. Join Elaad and VITO in a site visit of Strijp-S to discuss next steps with integrating EV’s and flexibility in the urban energy system.

Do you want to be part of this must-attend event? Join us at 19 and 20 Feb 2019 in Eindhoven for:


- Scientific and market keynotes  
- Breakout sessions with experts

- Hackathons on research

  proposals and developments

- Site visit option to European project

- Science meets market
- Networking

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