Newsletter February 2019

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IN FOCUS this month:

• Euromex colored slides 

• New ImageFocus Alpha software


The writable colored fields on these slides make them easy for archiving and storage.

They are available in white in blue and are packed per 50 pieces


PB.5157-B Microscope slides

Blue frosted side, 76 x 26 mm, ground edges.

50 pieces per pack 

PB.5157-W Microscope slides

White frosted side, 76 x 26 mm, ground edges.

50 pieces per pack

Euromex has just released a new version of its

ImageFocus Alpha software for MAC OS

Key improvement is the addition of a wide range of measurement tools.

MAC users can now perform the following calibrated measurement functions:

 Angle  •

 Point  •

 Line  •

 Parallel  •

Rectangle  •

•  Elipse

•  Circle

•  Arc

•  Polygon

•  Curve


ImageFocus Alpha software is available for the following cameras:

USB 3.0 PRO series:

DC.5000-PRO/ DC.10000-PRO/ DC.18000-PRO


USB 3.0 Scientific grade series:

DC.3000s/ DC.6000s/ DC.20000s

USB 3.0 Cooled series:

DC.6000i/ DC.20000i


HDMI + USB series


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