We have to run fast

We need to move fast to keep up with developments, and we have to cooperate. Many people who attended the Future of Charging Symposium 2019 will take this message with them. For an impression of the symposium and to get a sense of the urgency, watch this video.

Together we're building the largest knowledge base

of charging electric vehicles in the world


The Future of Charging platform has been expanded considerably
Here you can find the latest insights from researchers involved in electric transport and charging infrastructure. Together we are building the largest knowledge base on charging electric vehicles in the world. The collected knowledge supports an efficient, customer-oriented and fast roll-out of charging infrastructure.


Many of the published studies were presented during the Future of Charging Symposium 2019. Scientists, governments and market parties came together to exchange insights and experiences. The presentations from the symposium can also also be viewed on the digital platform www.futureofcharging.com


The English-language platform is divided into six themes:

'The customer just wants to drive'


‘All the technological developments are exciting, but the customer just wants to drive, whenever and wherever he wants’, concluded several speakers at the Future of Charging Symposium. For the electric future to take off, it’s important for governments and market parties to keep the customer in mind. One of the major obstacles for motorists to embrace electric transport is uncertainty about charging possibilities. It is fear of the unknown, according to customer experience expert Barbara van Duin. Her vision and that of other experts can be found in this background article (in Dutch).


English summary of background article.

Experts vision on the electrical future


Researchers can better foresee than anyone what the electric future will look like; how fast the transition to electric transport will be, what EV drivers expect from charging infrastructure, what impact charging electric transport will have on the energy network... On the Future of Charging platform, several researchers share their views.

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